Designing a landing page in English

Good morning

I've seen the new landing page on your site

For the campaign it's best to use the product page

Before we can start using this page, please make sure purchase work without problem.

Also, please send me access information for the website and analytics so I can start working on conversion tracking asap.

On the page, there are a few things that need to be done:
If possible, remove header and footer of the page (can also work on a copy of the page if possible)
Change "add to cart" to "buy now" – important (you don't want visitors to start wandering in the website because it decreases conversions) – I've seen it in the mobile version, but not on the desktop version.
Recommended – remove 'Taille' section. We can use remarketing in the search campaign, and show returning versions another set of ads and landing page with different offer.
Remove pop-up – important (it also decreases conversions) it's especially problematic in mobile devices.
Change shipping notice to "EXPRESS FREE SHIPPING" or "3 DAY FREE SHIPPING" etc.; If not, change "to" with "in" in the text "EXPRESS FREE SHIPPING TO THE US AND CANADA" because customers relate more with local products.
Add a short description of the product right after "TRIAL PACK : 20 capsules"
Make all outgoing links open in a NEW WINDOW not in the same window as it is currently. High percentage of visitors will not go back to the page after being referred out, and will close the window, and will not come back to the website.
On the mobile version, make main image smaller and show the headline above the image.
Also on the mobile version, in the sticky footer, remove "10% OFF" and McAfee Secure (I would also remove the chat if it's not helping conversions).
Newsletter registry is already embedded in the checkout (paying) page. You just need to change the text next to it so it will include the 10% off note.
Please contact me back for everything you need to ask.

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