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We offer to boost your brand’s appearance on Google, right where customers are searching for you, and start getting leads already from the first month.

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About Altlife SEO

Since 2007, we have been offering professional Google SEO services that will help your site rise in the organic search results in the most relevant keywords for you, significantly – even when it comes to very competitive keywords, and professional and sales-focused sponsored Google Ads campaign management services, so that you can reach as many customers as possible , making optimal use of your advertising budget.

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What are we doing?

Everything you need to market your business online effectively - in one place!

Web Development

Construction and upgrading of designed, modern websites, compatible with mobile browsing, according to your needs, which will be your virtual showcase.

Building landing pages

Designing and building professional landing pages, to increase the number of references and the conversion rate from sponsored campaigns on Google or any other media.

Writing content

Writing quality marketing content for your website, for the purpose of organic promotion and increasing the exposure of the brand and the products or services of your business.

Organic promotion on Google

Improving the site's positions in Google's search results, so that you can leverage the power of the world's largest search engine to generate new customers for your business.

Google Ads campaign management

Smart and dynamic management of the Google Ads campaign that allows you to display your ad on Google and Google's partner channels, and help you reach new customers.

Join now and accept 1,500 ₪ for advertising on Google!

Google reputation cleanup

Suppressing negative results that appear on Google out of the first page, and bringing positive results about you or your business onto the first page of Google.

Link building

Publishing articles with a link to your website, on our website network and on quality, different and diverse websites on the network, for the purpose of strengthening the brand and the organic promotion of your website.

Local search promotion

Maximizing your presence in Google's search results, for customers located in the geographic area where the service provider's business is, is necessary today when many searches are performed via mobile.

Managing Google Places for Business

Registering for Google's free map service for businesses, which allows your business to get greater and more prominent exposure in the organic and sponsored search results.

Can we offer you a free initial consultation?

Questions and doubts about promotion on Google are a natural thing for everyone, even if it is someone who has already gained experience in the field, and certainly someone who has not yet experienced it. Contact us with any questions regarding organic promotion on Google or advertising on Google Ads – and we will be happy to answer!

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Organic promotion and Google advertising

Altlife web promotion, there is someone who cares for you.

Very nice, we are Altlife – a search engine SEO company with more than 14 years of experience – experts in organic SEO and sponsored advertising on Google and serve dozens of clients, businesses in a very wide range of fields of activity. In fact, there is almost no field in which we have not promoted a company over the years. Close to 90% of our customers stay with us for more than a year, and about 75% of them stay with us for more than two years. Of all the feedback we receive from our customers, the most striking reactions are that our customers:

  1. trust us 100%
  2. feel that we are helping their business grow
  3. appreciate our professionalism at a higher level than companies they have worked with in the past
  4. know that they have an address to turn to when needed
  5. feel that we really care about them

So if you are interested in organic promotion, and are looking for a professional and reliable SEO company that will take your website forward in every respect – call us and join dozens of satisfied customers. To get in touch and get a quote call now 04-6229826 or click here and leave a message and we will get back to you soon.

יחסי ציבור ברשת האינטרנט

Organic website promotion

Organic SEO is the improvement of website positions in Google’s “natural” results. To this end, we make a large number of changes, additions and improvements, which make your site more qualitative in terms of Google, thus causing it to appear at the top of the search results for the phrases relevant to you. Each field has key keywords, which most surfers type when they are looking for the particular product or service you provide. These surfers will first of all notice the sites that will be ranked at the top of the first page of the search results. Our goal, at Altlife, is to make sure that your website appears there: in the first places on Google. When your website appears where potential customers can find you, the chances of them contacting you and becoming actual customers will increase.

Several examples of Altlife’s organic promotion customer locations:

  • Foundation stones: 2nd place in the expression stone for paving, 3rd place in the expression stone paving their
  • Website construction profile: 2nd place on Google for the term user interfaces, 4th place for the term interface design and characterization
  • Avivit Moskovitz – third place on Google for the phrase lawyer, fourth place on Google for the phrase divorce by consent.
  • Site promoted on Google in 3rd place in the phrase “advertisement production”: Yarden Gat studio production of product films and image films

Google Sponsored Advertising

Sponsored promotion on Google is the most effective and profitable advertising method in terms of ROI, because it is the only one that offers a solution to the surfer who is interested in it (pull) – when he needs it, compared to the other advertising methods in all other media channels, which try to create interest in people by pushing ads to a wide audience As much as possible (push) knowing that only a few of them will really be interested in it, which of course makes the advertising costs significantly more expensive. By advertising on Google, you can target the advertising to the most relevant audience for your business, thus also improving its effectiveness while reducing the costs many times over . In fact, even for the price of publishing a one-time ad in a leading newspaper, you can advertise on Google for an entire month in a competitive arena and achieve much better results (and even more so for the price of half a minute of advertising on radio or television). Through Google’s platform – Google Ads – you can advertise in a smart and efficient way not only in Google’s search results, but also outside it, such as on the leading websites on the Internet, in applications, and on YouTube, and get exposure to millions of people every month, whether in Israel or all over the world.

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